AR-10 GPS Signal Radiator















     AR-10 is a re-radiating equipment. It can receive the outdoor GPS satellite signal and conduct to indoor place for radiating again. When a GPS Satellite is revolving around the earth it will transmit continuously satellite signal to the earth, but the strength of satellite signal will weaken to only around -125dBm when it arrived to the earth ground. Such weak signal can't penetrate into buildings or vehicles; besides, its reflection or scattering signal can be detected only in around windows area.

    AR-10 is built for the purpose to transmit the GPS satellite signal from outdoor to indoor, and re-radiating the receptions for multi-users to operate GPS Receivers inside buildings or vehicles. Therefore, users can work the GPS equipments indoor same as using it outdoor.

    AR-10 contents a power regulation circuit, a high frequency low noise amplifier, a signal radiation set, and an active outdoor antenna to receive the GPS satellite signal.



  Plug-N-Play,easy to use.

  Wide range of Power Input, compatible with any size of vehicle almos.

  The radiation range could reach one meter around.

  The simple of structure make as easy installation.

  For L1 band GPS signal, meets most of the GPS Receivers on the Market.




EPower Required: 10~26VDC, Less than 25mA, 

                             @12VDC input (Active Antenna not included)

Gain: ~24dB

Frequency: L1 Band, 1575.42 +/- 10MHz

LED Indication: Red (For Power Input)

Operation Temperature: -40OC ~ +80OC

Operation Humidity: 5% ~ 95%

Dimension: 107 x 67 x 20 mm (Main Body)

Weight: 110 g 

  Radiation Antenna 

the length of Dipole are 6 cmout SA

the length of RG-174U Cable are 200 cm

Range: one meter around

  External  Antenna

Impedance : 50 ohm

Gain: average 26dB need, for 2-5 meter cable, but it may

          depends on the length of cable

   MCX connector

providing 5V, 25mA power for the External Active Antenna